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06/16/2010 FARJHO helps Native Americans financially reclaim the land

FARJHO could help the investment managers at the various tribal casinos achieve their investment goals through either participating directly as the prospective Joint Property Investors (JPIs) or through a dedicated commingled real estate fund as the JPI to invest in a FARJHO/LLC structure on residential properties throughout the country.

In the current market, through FARJHO, property investors as InvestorsAlly’s customers could expect around 5 to 7% or even higher current dividend yield while waiting for the market recovery and the further price appreciation of US residential properties without worrying about vacancy or excessive annual operating expenses. The “total returns” could be quite significant due to the potential price appreciation from many distressed and foreclosed properties.

Unlike the conventional practice of many commercial real estate investment funds to boast an arbitrary extraordinary returns by simply using unsubstantiated annual “projected appreciation”, FARJHO leaves the entire issue of upside appreciation potential during a holding period for investors open, like those expectations of a typical home owner.

To be more specific, many of the beautiful stucco houses of over 4,000 or 5,000 sq ft built between 2003 to 2006 in the Inland Empire area in Southern California once sold for higher than $1,000,000 could be bought today at between $400,000 to $500,000. With a $2,500 monthly rent, it is just a simple math why FARJHO could make these excellent investment opportunities come true for diligent property investors.

In addition to providing a superior investment returns opportunity, FARJHO could also help the descendants of these First Nations financially reclaim the land in America, so to speak. With all that cash generated from the casino operations, where else could those tribal casino investment managers get such a high un-leveraged current yield with the unparalleled capital appreciation potential than being a FARJHO landlord?

This tribal investment opportunity through FARJHO (or a SwapRent contract) provides an interesting political angle to this otherwise a great financial investment opportunity to any other types of astute investors around the world.

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