About the Foundation

PeoplesAlly Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 45-2772047) since June 24, 2011.

Contributions would be tax deductible. Please make a donation and join us as a member. Membership form could downloaded here.

https://www.box.com/s/7iubyhe51q888xrba8kn. Thanks.


Foundation Management

PeoplesAlly.org offers the FARJHO (SM) and SwapRent (SM) matching services for various local resident homeowners across America with non-profit, not-for-profit organizations, church groups, endowments, public employee/teacher pension funds as well as state, county and municipal governments.

Outside the US, PeoplesAlly.org offers the FARJHO (SM) and SwapRent (SM) solutions to assist people in many countries to own homes either without or lessening the burden of debts.

PeoplesAlly Foundation was founded as a not-for-profit extension to the commercial venture of InvestorsAlly, Inc. The FARJHO (SM) and SwapRent (SM) services provided by PeoplesAlly with licenses granted directly from the intellectual property rights holder Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc.

The management members of the PeoplesAlly team includes

Ralph Y. Liu, Managing Director

Ralph is currently also the CEO of the Newport Beach based InvestorsAlly, Inc. (http://investorsally.com). He has been working on a new form of home ownership structure (FARJHO, http://farjho.com), a new housing finance system (SwapRent, http://swaprent.com), a set of alternative macro-economic policy management tools (SwapRent and REIDeX, http://reidex.com) and a new real estate value based foreign exchange pegging system (TARELV, http://tarelv.com) since the turn of the millennium.

Armed with a Wharton MBA (1987) and Wall Street (Morgan Stanley, Chemical Bank, Equitable Life and AT&T) derivatives trading work experiences earlier in his career in New York, Ralph has been a serial inventor in his later career and has successfully created and developed new financial markets for many new innovative capital market and/or consumer financial products in many countries that had become an important part of those countries’ financial history.

While working as the Chief Investment Officer and a Board Member Executive Vice President for China Everbright Bank based in Beijing, Ralph created the first historical RMB (CNY) denominated interest rate swap in the Beijing inter-bank market that has since grown to be an over trillions of dollars marketplace. On the back of this ground-breaking transaction, China Everbright Bank also became the first bank in China to offer fixed rate mortgages to the entire Chinese home owners market. Ralph was also responsible for the bank’s 50 billion RMB assets as the banks’s CIO. The event was chronicled in this Wall Street Journal article https://www.box.com/s/12ae528ef6f133c50b1b in 2006.

In addition to China, most of Ralph’s career investment banking and institutional investment experience were in many other Asian countries where he spent his entire earlier career at back in the 90’s. Ralph was the Managing Director and the Head of Structured Derivatives for Chase Manhattan Bank based in Hong Kong and for UBS based in Singapore. More recently, Ralph has been a Senior Advisor or the Head of International Markets to many financial institutions in New York, helping them with the high level institutional or sovereign wealth fund contacts for their business expansion into Asia.

Ralph has been proliferate in publishing academic articles, developing patentable business methods, blogging on and implementing many of the new innovative ideas he has created within the past 25 years of his alternate banking/entrepreneurial careers in many different financial centers around the world. He has a few notable academic papers related to the new innovative real estate businesses that he currently focuses on. For an introduction to the new FARJHO methodology to own homes one home at a time using only member level financing, here is the link to his draft paper on FARJHO (https://www.box.com/s/cc0de069ab5c3fd3007e) which is to be published as a sequel to his earlier article on SwapRent (https://www.box.com/s/v24qtqip4hlgff5l1646) published in the December 2009 issue of the Journal of Housing Finance International (HFI) by the Brussels-based International Union of Housing Finance (IUHF).

Ralph’s current goal is to bring the new economic benefits of the new financial and/or social innovations he has created directly to people around the world via the home equity crowdfunding portal site http://farjho.com as well as the homeowners’ social networking portal site http://wehomeowners.com under InvestorsAlly and http://wehomeowners.org under the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of PeoplesAlly Foundation (http://peoplesally.org) to let low income working families get to enjoy the similar economic benefits on a free market basis as well.

Regarding FARJHO, the link below is a recent interview that describes his plan to crowdfund home equity, http://www.newswire.net/newsroom/permalink/69526.html. It is also described from a social angle in the social academic research write-up about FARJHO, http://www.socialenterprise.net/blog/equitysharing.html. Ralph has also published a recent blog at Huffington Post has been very helpful to create further buzz for the crowdfunding venture. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ralph-liu/how-crowdfunding-could-he_b_1752633.html

To complement the crowdfunding aspect of the FARJHO business Ralph has also set up a conventional Reg D Rule 506 private placement FARJHO Fund to act as both InvestorsAlly’s and PeoplesAlly’s own anchor institutional investor client to the FARJHO.com portal in order to provide the funding liquidity and demonstrate to other institutional investors to share the economic and operational benefits of FARJHO via the FARJHO.com marketplace. Here  is the link to the recent press coverage regarding the FARJHO Fund, https://www.box.com/s/b38c0f9c27ef4bd15ce1.

Ralph’s full bio on Linkedin, Twitter and blogs could be accessed at the following links:


Steve C. Gronlund, Director of Marketing, Chief FARJHO Evangelist

Steve has been one of the top producing loan officers in the US in his successful career in the mortgage industry. He is a Certified Mortgage Planner and in addition to managing a busy mortgage practice, he is an experienced real-estate investor and believes real estate is an integral part of creating wealth.

Steve has lectured over hundreds and thousands of audiences throughout southern California and consulted home owners in the area of household budgeting, mortgage planning, retirement planning, real estate equity harvesting and fiscal responsibility.

Steve is also deeply involved with the real estate brokers and agents community in California as a motivational speaker and educator with his recent series of seminars helping Realtors understand government loan programs and alternative purchase options that were very popular in the 80s.

FARJHO (SM) has become a personal mission for Steve to help change the way American people finance real estate properties. Steve often states that FARJHO (SM) is “The First Honest and Responsible Free Market Private Sector Solution to the American Financial Crisis. He has been passionately involved since the beginning of the commercialization efforts with Ralph to bring the free market based FARJHO (SM) marketplace to life.

David Compton, Director of Educational Programs, FARJHO Evangelist

David has over thirty-seven years in the real estate business. During that time he has been successful in both residential and commercial sales, a site selector for a fast food restaurant chain, a branch manager/broker, and for the last 25 years as an educator, prominent speaker and author in the real estate industry.

David has developed a good number of educational programs that educate both the consumers and the agents in dealing with such issues as negotiating with lenders on loan workouts and short sales along with educating the consumer on communicating their expectations to their real estate agent. He has also specialized in educating both agents and consumers on working with federal and state-mandated programs that provide assistance to distressed home owners. In addition, he has developed over 200 different courses for the real estate industry; most of which emphasize on how to deliver the highest quality services to the consumers. He is a curriculum development consultant for several real estate educational institutions. Also, he has authored or co-authored over 150 articles for various real estate publications directed at both agents and consumers.

David’s educational approach is unique in that it takes a very “Consumer-Advocate” perspective in educating agents on assisting these consumers in making their real estate decisions. His mission is to educate the real estate professionals in developing a high level of consulting and counseling skills in helping their clients achieve this. He sees both the FARJHO (SM) and SwapRent (SM) concepts as powerful and innovative vehicles to further empower both the agents and consumers to successfully navigate through the challenges of home ownership.

David has served on task forces for the Arizona Department of Real Estate in implementing measures to assist and protect real estate consumers. He resides in Litchfield Park, Arizona just outside of Phoenix. David is a native of Arizona.

Richard L. Booher, Director of Property Services, FARJHO Evangelist

Richard has, for the past ten years, owned and operated a residential Construction and Development Company which deals in all types of real estate matters and is ranked in the top 2 percentile in the nation today. He has returned to Southern California and established a branch office in Newport Beach. He has moved his family to Newport Beach and divides his time between Newport and his Sacramento Headquarters. During his past 30 years in Sacramento Richard has served as Vice President on the School Board of Directors, and Advisor, and Chair for Ad Hoc committees with the Girl Scouts of America and his Church leadership. He has been active in charities his entire adulthood holding key positions with the YMCA, Families First, and Healing the Nations organizations.

Prior to retiring into real estate and contracting Richard enjoyed a rewarding career in the medical field introducing technology and systems to the masses while adding to his Corporate Management skill set. Richard was able to travel the world with organizations like Britons’ Vickers Company and the US’ General Electric. Product management, focus groups, and university interaction, were common in Richard’s tenor. His nickname was Prince of the Paradigm Shift, as his work included bringing about massive swings in the way people would manage their work, information and time with new technologies.

A native Southern Californian Richard put himself through school and received his BA degree from San Diego State University in 1978. Richard currently holds many credentials in the real estate and construction fields. He currently enjoys the privilege of being the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) local consultant, and California’s Department of Energy recognition as a certified Energy Consultant.

Community activities include membership in the Orange County Association of Realtors, Christian Surfers Association, Mariners Foundation, and Beachside Community Church. Richard, his wife Joy have a son who is now a 4th Generation Newporter and the other children (6 girls) and grand-children(4) are spread from San Diego to Sacramento.

Richard feels that it is very important for the health and welfare of the nation, and the world to listen and take note. That the concepts and messages of FARJHO that the PeoplesAlly Foundation team is delivering today as a simple and viable solution to our country’s current economic crisis be heard and acted upon urgently.

Kazumi Kageyama, FARJHO Evangelist

Kazumi is a graduate of Keio University, in Tokyo majoring in Economics. Her business life started in U.S. decades ago when Kazumi escorted The Little Singers of Tokyo, A Children’s Choir Group, for the opening of Lincoln Center in New York by invitation from President John F. Kennedy.

Kazumi started her career with the General Atomics (GA) Division of General Dynamics in San Diego, with her Math, Physics, and Computer Science skill. In GA’s planning office, she developed the first company Management Planning System applying her Management Science (MS) skill earned in the graduate school to GA’s 20 isolated scientific projects. She subsequently led a career in real estate, insurance and investment advisory.

Kazumi has been active in the national professional organizations in MS and performed the local chapter President and the chairwoman of national convention publishing papers in both national and international Cost Engineers Society. In addition, she was active with her American husband, many social club activities, such as the Exchange Club, volunteer organizations like San Diego – Yokohama Sister Cities Society, March of Dimes, US – Japan Cultural Center at SDSU, The University Club, and the World Affairs Council.

Kazumi is an enthusiastic member of the FARJHO teams at both InvestorsAlly and PeoplesAlly. She found it extremely rewarding to devote her free time to the promotion of housing affordability for the low income families.

Mitch Frisch, Foundation Secretary, FARJHO Evangelist

Mitch has been a hands-on Southern California small business person throughout his career. He was educated at Florida State University in Hotel Restaurant Administration. Since then he has been successfully running and managing high-end fine dining restaurants until 1992. Subsequently he became involved in the B2B Business Development work with major Fortune 500 companies.

Mitch is also deeply involved in the real estate sales and investing since 1983 in both Hawaii and California. Mitch has four children and he lives with his wife Stephanie in San Juan Capistrano. Since his wife Stephanie is the current President of the San Juan Capistrano Chamber of Commerce, they both are very active in local city’s social circles and many charity works.

While not tending to PeoplesAlly Foundation’s secretarial work, in his free time, Mitch enjoys a round of golf or skiing in Mammoth. He feels FARJHO is the ultimate solution to our country’s current housing-led financial crisis. Although he has equal passion for SwapRent, he is still learning more about the intricacies of SwapRent as the Foundation plans to launch it at a later stage.

For now, Mitch also champions the fund raising efforts for PeoplesAlly Foundation. He welcomes any donation phone calls.

Richard H. Schwachter, JD, Foundation General Legal Council

Richard  has been a practicing attorney for over 40 years specializing in the areas of investment real estate and securities law. Most recently he was Founding Board Member of a NYSE Company Government Properties Trust (NYSE “GPT”), and Chairman of its Real Estate Investment Committee. He worked with all aspects of the underwriting, organization, and subsequent development of a Sarbanes compliant Board. In addition he helped create the investment matrix for the Company’s niche, which was investing in properties exclusively leased by the US Federal Government.  GPT was headquartered in Omaha Nebraska. GPT merged with Record Realty Trust (ASX: RRT), an Australian listed Property Trust.

Richard has been a principal of a Securities Broker Dealership located in Florida and a Series 7 broker.  As a FINRA Sole Chair Arbitrator he is current on FINRA’s regulations.  For many years, he was head of investor sales for Concord Assets Group one of the largest syndicators of sale-leaseback shopping centers and the third largest owner of strip shopping centers in the United States.  He also developed a mutual fund, Cash Reserve Consulting, which specialized in the investment of HUD Reserve and Replacement Funds, and June Fourth Corporation, which assisted community banks with nonconforming mortgage lending services.

Richard has been an owner of multifamily apartment units and several strip shopping centers in Ohio. At the present time he is a Certified Civil Circuit Mediator and corporate counsel to several emerging companies. He is a graduate of Case Western Reserve Law School and the University of Wisconsin, cum laude.  He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area .



  • Maryann Germain  On June 14, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    Absolutely Fabulous David! i support you all the way.! Maryann

    • Debbie  On June 15, 2011 at 1:23 pm

      This Foundation is smart to have snagged you! Congrats! Debbie Francis

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