Foundation Missions

PeoplesAlly Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 45-2772047) since June 24, 2011.

Contributions would be tax deductible. Please make a donation and join us as a member. Membership form could downloaded here. Thanks.


  • Providing A New Alternative Free Market Based Home Ownership Structure without the Burden of Debt and Its Often Abuses So That Neighborhood Stability and Social Harmony Could Be Maintained.
  • Providing the Unfettered Fair Share of the Economic Benefits of Free Enterprise Capitalism Directly to the Working Class People around the World So That the People Would Not Lose Faith in Capitalism.

PeoplesAlly’s main mission is to make the economic benefits of free enterprise capitalism available through providing the necessary intellectual financial and economic knowhow to empower the working class people on Main Street in order to diminish the intellectual hostage power that Wall Street has long held on Main Street.

Hopefully through our efforts, the frustrated working class people and the struggling ex-middle class Americans would not attempt to launch a revolution to turn our country into a socialist state. Free enterprise Capitalism is not the enemy to the working class people, the abuses and the crony capitalism are. We simply need to work together to fix our current faulty economic system to let the working class people have their fair shares of the economic benefits of the free market capitalism.

During the financial crisis within the past few years, the diligent majority on Main Street has lost out to the elite minorities on Wall Street. American economy has become more and more polarized as a direct result of the biggest financial heist on tax payers through the preferential Wall Street and big banking institutions bailout program conducted by our Federal Government in 2008.

The very reason why America has been great and a world super power within the past century, i.e. a robust middle class, has been destroyed in a wholesale fashion as a result of these misguided economic policies by our Federal Government.

PeoplesAlly’s founding mission is to dilute the abusive power held by the elite minorities on Wall Street and in Washington, DC through financial innovations and public education of viable innovative economic alternatives that include drastically new home ownership structures so that we could bring the economic destiny of our country backed to the hands of the American people.

Overseas, PeoplesAlly also assists homeowners in many parts of the world to own homes through the equity-sharing FARJHO (SM) method and/or the cashflow-sharing SwapRent (SM) related methods either without or lessening the burden of debt.

Academically, the innovative programs of both SwapRent (SM) and FARJHO (SM) conducted by PeoplesAlly provide the following new value propositions that did not exist in our world before:

  • Sharing Appreciation (i.e. Sharing Ownership) through Sharing Cash Flows in A Real Estate Property Ownership.
  • The New Economic Owning, Renting and Own-Rent Switching Concepts and Business Methods for Managing Real Estate Properties.
  • Separating the Investment Value from the Shelter Value of Owning A Real Estate Property.

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