Historical Time Line of the Development of SwapRent (SM), FARJHO (SM) and TARELV

2001 – 2004  Launched the first real estate index derivatives exchange in Los Angeles, the REIFO (Real Estate Index Futures and Options) Exchange, based on city level property indices.

2004 – 2006  Introduced the first RMB (CNY) Interest Rate Swap in the Chinese inter-bank market in Beijing and created the first long term fixed rate mortgage for home owners in China as well as the corporate fixed rate loans to corporate borrowers.

2006  Researched the historical methods and applications of the property equity sharing concept in various consumer markets and created property derivatives based SwapRentSM, its embedded mortgage products, HELM, PELM, FVCM, embedded structured deposits, REILD, PILN, new indexing method SPIM and trading marketplace REIDeX. Filed patents in major countries.

2007  Worked with banks on these new SwapRentSM applications in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as Wall Street firms and banks in the US. Campaigned to the Congressional staff, Federal government agencies, HUD, GSEs, Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve on considering using SwapRentSM as a new alternative economic policy management tool.

2008  Explored municipal applications of SwapRentSM with State, County and City governments as well as local housing authorities and housing finance agencies across the US. Set up REIDeX, Inc. in Los Angeles as the online marketplace for trading city index-based SwapRentSM contracts.

2009  Explored Islamic finance applications of SwapRentSM and the SwapRentSM embedded FARM (Flexible And Reversible Mortgage) with central banks and other major financial institutions in the Gulf Region of the Middle East. Worked with Islamic finance scholars on making SwapRentSM and FARM Sharia compliant.

2010  Farmed out the FARJHOSM structure away from SwapRentSM embedded FARM and set up InvestorsAlly, Inc. in Newport Beach as a separate corporate entity to focus on introducing FARJHOSM only for easier mass market commercialization. Launched the Internet portal http://www.farjho.com as a dedicated consumer Internet based peer-to-peer online matching service between aspiring home owners and prospective joint property investors. Introduced the new TARELV (Total Aggregate Real Estate and Land Value) currency concept as a new exchange rate pegging system alternative to the current Chartalism based Fiat currencies.

2011  Launched the non-profit PeoplesAlly Foundation in Newport Beach to assist low income working families in the US with increased housing affordability without relying on tax payer’s monetary subsidy through the educational work on how to use FARJHOSM and SwapRentSM on a pure free market basis to flexibly and reversibly accomplish the portable housing affordability through separating the investment value away from the sheltering purpose of owning a home real estate property.


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