Introduction to PeoplesAlly Foundation

PeoplesAlly Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN 45-2772047) since June 24, 2011.

Contributions would be tax deductible. Please make a donation and join us as a member. Membership form could downloaded here. Thanks.


PeoplesAlly Foundation Manifestos:

  • 1. Assisting low income working families on how to increase housing affordability under free market capitalism principles in order to help them obtain either full or partial home ownership through educational and counseling services.
  • 2. Increasing local neighborhood stability and social harmony through social innovations in new home ownership structures as well as new housing finance concepts and methods.
  • 3. Helping maintain free enterprise capitalism through advising working class people on how to avoid exploitation and obtain their unfettered fair share of the economic benefits of capitalism.
  • 4. Becoming the intellectual ally behind the people and making the capitalist’s ideas work for the working class as well.
  • 5. Marrying the free enterprise capitalist’s brains with the socialist’s hearts to take care of those who are less equipped to compete.


PeoplesAlly is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in Southern California that focuses on providing portable housing affordability to low income working families. Its goal is to provide neighborhood smart growth in local communities and municipalities across the country to enhance long term home ownership stability and social harmony.

The unique feature of PeoplesAlly’s services to assist the working class people is that the innovative economic solutions will all be conducted on a pure free enterprise capitalism basis with very little government’s or taxpayer’s involvements other than the government’s role as a game keeper and legal regulations enforcer.

PeoplesAlly attempts to accomplish these objectives through providing consumers with more free market based choices and alternatives. Many of its innovative services are based on the equity sharing and/or cash flow sharing concepts that do not rely on the use of debt. Borrowing should not be the only way to own homes!

PeoplesAlly provides free market based matching services to aspiring homeowners and prospective property investors for a new creative and innovative housing ownership structure called Flexible And Reversible Joint Home Ownership, or FARJHO (SM). In addition, it offers assistance in portable housing affordability for low income working families through a new form of alternative housing finance system based on the SwapRent (SM) related concepts.

The services offered by PeoplesAlly will be provided to qualified low income working families on either reduced fees/commissions or a pro bono basis in order to qualify for a non-profit organization status under State laws.

In the US, homeowners and property investors or a group of property investors hold joint equity ownership in the property of choice through a Limited Liability Company (LLC) legal structure. The homeowner in a FARJHO (SM) pays market level rent to the FARJHO LLC that he co-owns during the course of the joint ownership period. The rent income will then be proportionately distributed to each of the members of the LLC, including the partial homeowner/renter himself/herself.

Throughout the joint ownership period, as a free market choice, tenant/partial homeowners could flexibly and reversibly make SwapRent (SM) transactions with any of the property investors in order to gain further economic home ownership that provides future appreciation potential as well as the associated downside depreciation risks.

Property investors in a FARJHO (SM) could also optionally make SwapRent (SM) transactions, either acting as the “Economic Landlord” investor or “Economic Tenants” at, which is the secondary marketplace for SwapRent (SM) transactions.

Development History of FARJHO and SwapRent from 2001 to 2011

Our Services:

PeoplesAlly helps both aspiring home owners find prospective property investors or groups of property investors based on a predetermined service fee for the matching services.

PeoplesAlly also acts as the syndicate manager to put together the joint equity ownership LLC that would carry the legal title of the interested property. Although not recommended, further prudent leveraging could be used for the LLC to acquire the interested properties at the discretion of the LLC members. This variation may let low income people to qualify for the conventional Shared Appreciation Mortgage or Shared Equity Mortgage applications. This should only be treated as a compromise and not encouraged as a service provided by PeoplesAlly.

PeoplesAlly’s commercial affiliate InvestorsAlly, Inc. acts as a secondary marketplace for the fractional interests in the joint FARJHO LLC ownership by the members whenever legally permitted and practicable under the state laws.

Property investors and the tenant/partial homeowners in a LLC could then have a way to individually liquidate earlier without the ultimate dissolution of the FARJHO LLC as a better alternative when permitted by the state laws.

Our inaugural matching services will officially launch in the State of California soon. Please sign in the guest book and leave your contact details in order to receive future email notifications.

A bi-weekly educational wine and cheese reception is held between 5 pm to 7 pm on every other Thursdays at the foundation’s Newport Beach headquarters.

A separate educational morning seminar on FARJHO (SM) and other alternative purchase options is also conducted every other Thursday mornings at the Newport Center, near Fashion Island Mall.

Please sign up for receiving an invitation to these events.



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    It is very interesting and I would like to know more.

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